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Warmer Homes Scheme

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Roscommon LEADER Partnership (Warmer Homes) and Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI) are delivering energy efficient installations. These installations consist of attic installation, cavity wall installation and energy advice to new applicants (who have not previously received Warmer Homes work in their home). By installing these measures you can improve the energy efficiency and therefore reduce your fuel bills.

To qualify for the scheme, householders who are in receipt of fuel allowance or are on the Family Income Support (FIS), or Jobseekers Allowance (for more than 6 months and with a child or children under 7 years of age); are owner occupier; and home has been constructed prior to 2006, will qualify for the scheme, which is at no cost to the home owner.

For an application form please contact us:

Tel: 090 6488292