Roscommon LEADER Partnership:

    Social Enterprise Training & Mentoring Support Project

    Social Enterprise Training & Mentoring Support Project was established to build the capacity of both new and existing Social Enterprise groups in the county.

    The groups are categorised as;

    • Communities with New Social Enterprises who need pre-social enterprise support in idea generation, governance, project planning and branding, marketing, accessing funding and finance.
    • Established groups that require HR and Governance Supports, Scaling up, Revenue Generation Supports.

    The project is designed to build the competitiveness of established groups through training & mentoring by the exploration & development of tendering opportunities with the County Council & other public bodies. On-going Mentoring and training is provided to these groups in order to develop their plans and realise their potential. The training and mentoring program includes the exploration of best practice models of social enterprises that could improve the viability and sustainability of groups.

    Specific Training in pre-social enterprise support in idea generation, governance, branding, marketing including online and social media marketing, accessing funding and finance, Human Resources and Employment Law, scaling up, Revenue Generation Supports, Risk Management, Equality and Ability Awareness, Data Protection and Bookkeeping is being provided.

    Community Groups supporting the employment of people with disabilities in Social Enterprises are also supported to explore idea generation in terms of suitable job roles and models of work that would support the development of social enterprises to provide real and meaningful employment opportunities for people who have additional support needs.