Roscommon LEADER Partnership:


    Roscommon is a rural county which relies heavily on the agricultural sector as its main source of income. For the most part, farms in the county are small holdings. These vary greatly from poor land quality in the north and west of the county, to a much better land quality in the south. Nevertheless, farmers farming even the most difficult of land did continue to do so with great pride and passion.

    In the past farming was a wonderful means of community involvement and the bringing of people together for various tasks, such as the turf, the hay making, the potatoes and so on. Neighbourhoods at that time were a hive of activity with face-to-face interaction and communication.

    Whilst modernisation was most welcome it did increase self-independence but greatly reduced the need for neighbourly involvement, thus dramatically changing the shape of rural life for the older generation. Modern technology took over and the rambling house soon became a thing of the past.

    The Rural Men’s Group was established to in some way replace the ‘rambling house’. Its main focus is to provide rural men with an opportunity to meet and chat face-to-face in a homely and safe environment.

    In October 2005 the first Rural Men’s Group was established in Drumboylan Community Centre, followed in 2006 by Ballaghaderreen group, and in 2007 Dysart Rural Men’s Group was founded. In all, the three groups regularly engage with approximately 100 men in the county.

    Drumboylan Men's Group

    Ballaghaderreen Men's Group

    Dysart Men's Group

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