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    Roscommon Young Carers

    The Young Carer Project was established in 2011 by the combined efforts of The Roscommon Leader Partnership, in conjunction with The Roscommon Carers Association.

    The purpose of the Project was to deliver a Young Carers Community Development Programme.
     The term ‘young carers’ refers to children and young people under the age of 18 whose lives are affected in some significant way by the care needs of another family or household member and who provide care, or help to provide care, to that person. Traditionally, the focus of carer orientated policy has been on adult carers. However, in the recent past  years there has been growing awareness of and interest in young carers.
    A young carer is a child or young person whose life is affected in a significant way by the need to provide care for a family or household member who has an illness, disability, addiction or other care requirement. This may include a child or young person who provides direct personal care or who takes on a supportive role with the main carer.

    We aim to support Young carers to develop a plan of Fun Activities meeting the needs of these young people, ensure greater awareness of the public in relation to issues surrounding young carers, to increased confidence on the part of the young carers through their involvement in the initiative.
    At present 35 Young Carer’s are registered on our data base, approx 19-25  attending the monthly outings, there are children registered who do not attend due to bereavement or family issues. We hope to increase the data number through assessment of need in 2015.
    The Group meet  on a monthly basis we supports them to establish  and develop a plan of Activities based on good practice, identifying funding sources meeting the needs of the group.

    Further Information Contact
           Maureen Connelly 
           Roscommon Young Carers Co-ordinator
           Roscommon Leader Partnership,
           Unit 12 Tower B Roscommon Business Park West
           Golf Links Road
           Roscommon Town
           Co. Roscommon
           Tele; 090-66-30252

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