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European Projects

Roscommon Leader Partnership are delighted to embark on three new EU Erasmus + Projects which will create a new dynamic in providing innovative supports to our target groups and communities.  Speaking about the company’s focus on Europe, Martina Earley, CEO explains ‘we are conscious we have so much to learn from Europe in terms of new approaches and innovative learning.  We are very proud to be successful in three funding applications under the Erasmus + Strategic Partnership programme. Each of these programmes is of direct relevance and will greatly enhance of our work in Roscommon Leader Partnership.  You will be hearing much more about these projects over the next two years but here is a brief introduction’

Creative Communities Igniting Change

The focus of Creative Communities Igniting Change is to create entrepreneurial opportunities for people to get involved in the creative sector as ad stepping stone to entrepreneurship. At the same time, it will establish creative incubators in communities who will provide training and workspace for these emerging entrepreneurs. The Creative Communities Igniting Change project brings together partners from Northern Ireland (Banbridge Distinct Council and Canice Consulting), Sweden (Folkuniverisitetet in Skåne län) and Poland (Northern Chamber of Commerce, Szczecin and University of Humanities and Economics, Łódz) and Irish partners Momentum Marketing. Through this project we will generate impact for the young unemployed and other socially excluded target groups, the communities that have experienced brain drain and high levels of unemployment and eyesore empty buildings and training providers. In Roscommon, the focus of the project will initially be based in Ballaghadereen as a blueprint plan will be developed to create a community owned enterprise incubator facility. Over 24 months, CCiC will achieve this in 4 regions in Ireland, UK, Poland and Sweden. Our website is currently under development on

Food Incubators - Transforming Regions

It is a shared objective of all the development agencies in Roscommon to develop a food incubator(s) in the near future. The aim of the FITR- Food Incubators Transforming Regions project is clear. In Ireland (Roscommon), UK (Banbridge), The Netherlands (Friesland) and Slovakia (Nitra) we forge an effective & replicable model to provide the learning and structure to develop food kitchens & incubators as enterprise drivers. This in return will spur productive & sustainable economic development through an increase in available resources to start small businesses and creation of jobs in this sector.

The benefits for communities:
 - Access to Food Incubators business strategy – this will be training on the nuts and bolts of running a food incubator , licensing options for operators, kitchen management protocols and adding value to your incubator e.g. shared sales & distribution platforms
- Help to stimulating demand - tools to develop a pipeline of new food entrepreneurs in your region through Pre-Incubation supports and gaining knowledge on creative marketing
- Access to resources - training in innovative access to public finance, crowd funding potential and attracting corporate sponsors.
- Developing connections to collaborations & communities- the potential of co-working, new methodologies for creative collaborations, parameters of same and success tools.

The benefits for development agency stakeholders:
 - Improved understanding of the new potential of food incubation and its importance as a driver for regional entrepreneurship in a fast growing sector - Access to a specific toolkit and operational strategies that will help catalyse the evolution of food incubators and maximise their contribution to regional growth
- The development of a robust regional partnership formula for use in developing food incubator(s) in Roscommon
- Improved networking to dozens of other regional actors and the opportunity to contribute to policy at regional level.
- The process of revitalisation on a local community level through the development of food incubators in dilapidated buildings.

These buildings are an economic drain in communities and through FITR they can be turned into a hub for economic prosperity.

Young Enterprise through Arts

Young Enterprise through Arts is a dynamic project to encourage and support young entrepreneurs in the field of Cultural Creative Industries. It will find new ways to integrate high quality entrepreneurship education into existing youth services and structures by training youth workers. To achieve this we will:

Establish 4 Youth Entrepreneurship through Arts REGIONAL ALLIANCES, bringing together key youth, enterprise, and social policy stakeholders to explore best practice in integrating entrepreneurship education into creative arts youth work, devising individual and collective commitments to action in a YEA ACTION PLAN;
-  Create, publish and promote the "Youth Entrepreneurship through Arts Tool kit" to encourage the creation of further Alliances across Europe.
- Develop and publish a course curriculum and learning materials to train youth workers to effectively engage the young people they work with in entrepreneurship education.

Joining Roscommon Leader Partnership are five organizations from UK, Ireland, France and Malta with a strong cross-sector focus. - Dungannon Enterprise Centre, the principal supplier of entrepreneurship education and training in South Tyrone, Northern Ireland. - Beam Creative Network, Northern Ireland a youth work organization engaging over 100,000 young people in arts and drama programme, exploring issues such as diversity, cultural identity and conflict resolution. - Momentum, an accredited enterprise training centre with a specialization in online and blended learning. - Musique de Nuit Diffusion a cultural centre in Bordeaux working with disadvantaged youth. - Vismednet, a Maltese youth work organization whose programmes emphasise the validation of informal and nonformal learning. As a result of our project: - hundreds of young people (18 – 30 yr olds) will strengthen their entrepreneurial mindset and acquire concrete entrepreneurial skills, manifested in the development of a proposal for a cultural project or creative initiative which is innovative, sustainable and ready to attract funding. - Enterprise providers will find new ways of engaging with hard-to-reach young people, often from disadvantaged backgrounds. - Youth work and Creative Arts organizations will acquire key skills to integrate entrepreneurship mindset and skills as part of their services. - Communities will experience increase in social and knowledge capital, with young people more empowered as leaders of change in general, especially those who go on to successfully implement their cultural project. - Stakeholders in the region will understand and actively support integrated approach to ensuring high quality entrepreneurship education for more and more young people. Our website will be live at the end of November on

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