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European Projects

Roscommon Leader Partnership is constantly striving to find new resources and initiatives particularly at a European level that can be replicated and administered here on a local basis. In the past we have successfully delivered 5 European projects and forged many international partnerships as a result.

Currently, we are involved in delivering two EU Erasmus + Projects which will create a new dynamic in providing innovative supports to our target groups and communities. Speaking about the company’s focus on Europe, Martina Earley, CEO explains ‘we are conscious we have so much to learn from Europe in terms of new approaches and innovative learning.

We are very proud to be supporting the local delivery of two projects under the Erasmus + Strategic Partnership programme. Each of these programmes is of direct relevance and will greatly enhance our work in Roscommon Leader Partnership.

You will be hearing much more about these projects over the next two years but here is a brief introduction.

Promoting Refugee & Migrant Integration through Education

PROMISE (Promoting Refugee & Migrant Integration through Education) is the most recent addition to our European project portfolio here in Roscommon LEADER Partnership. The project brings together European partners and experts from Ireland, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain and Italy.

The overall goal of PROMISE is to facilitate the optimal integration of refugees and migrants into their host communities so that both can flourish. To do this, we will work with a range of adult education providers from local authorities to community organizations, to improve the quality of learning opportunities that are available to them. Specifically, we will produce:

Action Plans linked to interagency networks, these will enable organisations in host communities to better plan their support structures and training activities in coordination with other actors.

A Social Inclusion Toolkit presenting best practice from across the EU which educators can replicate or adapt in their own communities.

Open Educational Resources alongside an online resource which will be freely accessible. This will include a set of integrated multimedia resources organized around a our framework which provides adult education providers with the structure, example learning activities and suggested content to deliver comprehensive, effective intercultural training.

In the current global context, our ability to effectively integrate asylum seekers and refugees from war torn countries into new host communities remains a critical priority. Adult education has long been considered one of the most impactful and sustainable routes to integration as it “makes an important contribution to social inclusion, active citizenship and personal development.”

Want to learn how you can access effective, practical and innovative educational resources in integration and inclusion for migrants? Visit our website on

Mainstreaming Student Entrepreneurship

Europe needs more entrepreneurial citizens – creative, confident individuals who innovate to solve problems and convert ideas into business opportunities and enterprises. Mainstreaming Student Entrepreneurship seeks to address this by increasing the proportion of vocational education students acquiring an entrepreneurial mind-set and engaging in early stage entrepreneurial activity.

Mainstreaming Student Entrepreneurship is designed to improve entrepreneurship education for students of all ages, not just those individuals who express an interest in starting a business.
We provide lots of practical information and guides to help you to help students to start up and become more entrepreneurial! Check out our regional alliances, student entrepreneurship toolkit and project multiplier events!

Thanks to the unique structure, our Mainstreaming Student Entrepreneurship will generate a tangible impact on the ability of 80+ intermediary organizations to liaise with key actors and to provide information, guidance, training to students, who as a result, will be more likely to become to develop entrepreneurial mindsets and possible set up their own businesses.

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